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General updates


Booking Lookup search results list update


Configuration and library updates


Added vessel schedule out to 2 weeks

Vessel + cutoff and cutoff date now displays in booking screen

Booking released/received popup text now selectable/scrollable in internet explorer

1-20-2016 updates:

Idle timeout increased from 30 minutes to 8 hours

Empty/export booking released/received popup link now works correctly in google chrome


Issues with release dates and container holds have been resolved.

Northwest Container Services (NWCS) is the Pacific Northwest's foremost provider of containerized logistics transportation services, with additional experience in the storage, handling, repair, and maintenance of marine cargo containers and chassis of all sizes.

Mission statement
Continue to establish Northwest Container Services Inc. as the premier intermodal logistics provider in the pacific Northwest. NWCS will focus on contracting dedicated direct line haul services in partnership with the class one railroads for short haul transportation of containerized cargo. NWCS will expand our complete service offering of logistics, container yard, maintenance and repair, and container sales and leasing businesses to other destinations on the West Coast.
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